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Family-friendly activities on Cleveland's west side

With the weather finally warming up, thoughts of summer on the horizon, and hopefully the last winter snowfall behind us, you might be ready (just like I am) to get out and explore our city again.

So whether you need to get out of a rut or maybe you're just looking for some fun things to do with your kids, here are some reminders of family-friendly activities to do throughout the west side of Cleveland and beyond. Pick one (or all), and have fun getting out and about for some quality family time!

Family friendly activities on west side of Cleveland

First things first...breakfast

Grab breakfast for the whole family with local donuts from Becker's Donuts & Bakery (Lorain Rd in Fairview Park) or Bigmouth Donuts (Detroit Rd in Rocky River). And if you're looking for a handcrafted, barista-made specialty coffee to start the day, Erie Island Coffee Co. (Detroit Rd in Rocky River) has so many different drinks to choose from, plus bagels and breakfast sandwiches.

Family friendly activities on west side of Cleveland - coffee cups

Photo Credit: Sarah Chai/Pexels

Have a picnic

Pack up a picnic basket with some sandwiches, snacks, dips and drinks and have an outdoor lunch at Rocky River Park (Beachcliff Blvd in Rocky River). Bring an outdoor blanket and picnic while watching the waves, or get a table under the covered pavilion. The kids will have fun exploring the new pirate ship playground!

Family friendly activities on west side of Cleveland - beach picnic Rocky River

Photo Credit: CNC Home & Design

Family friendly activities on west side of Cleveland - Rocky River beach playground

Photo Credit: CNC Home & Design

Lakewood Park (Lake Rd in Lakewood) is also a great option for their playground and incredible lake views.

Go exploring

There are so many options to explore nature, visit with sea life or animals, or try different science experiments. The Greater Cleveland Aquarium (Sycamore St in Cleveland), The Children's Museum (Euclid Ave in Cleveland), and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo (Wildlife Way in Cleveland) are full of exhibits and opportunities to learn and activities for kids of all ages.

And if you're heading over to the east side, the Cleveland Botanical Garden (East Blvd in Cleveland) has the most incredible butterfly exhibit...and if you're lucky, one might stop by to say hello!

Family friendly activities on west side of Cleveland - butterfly botanical garden

Photo Credit: HeungSoon/Pixabay

Head to a ballgame

Take in a Cleveland Guardians game at Progressive Field (Ontario St in Cleveland), and have fun watching the game from the Kids Clubhouse. Or go on Kids Fun Day, and get to run the bases after the game!

Family friendly activities on west side of Cleveland Guardians Indians Game

Photo Credit: JavaJohn/Pixabay

Treat yourself

And to put the icing (literally) on a day of exploring? Treat everyone to ice cream from a local favorite like Mitchell's (in Westlake or Rocky River) or Weber's (Fairview Park). If you're anything like me, you'll be looking forward to this just as much (or maybe more) than your kids are!

Family friendly activities on west side of Cleveland ice cream shop

Photo Credit: Lukas/Pexels

Hope you have a fun-filled day (or weekend) spending time and making new memories with your family!

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