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Pure Enchantment: Get Inspired, Pampered, and Cozy in Rocky River

Pure Enchantment home décor store in Rocky River, Ohio

After moving to the west side of Cleveland 8 years ago, I discovered Pure Enchantment while exploring Rocky River, and instantly fell in love. I felt so inspired and at peace every time I visited the store, and it became a go-to place for me when I needed to find a special gift or décor. When I was first pregnant, I started looking for organic skincare products and began using Pure Enchantment's products religiously, knowing they were safe for me and my baby.

Each trip to Pure Enchantment felt like a "welcome home," not only by the cute and cozy ambiance of the store, but also from the kindness and conversations with everyone who works there. This shop will always hold a special place in my heart, and as a female entrepreneur myself I asked Debbie Brink, the woman behind Pure Enchantment, to go "behind the design" and share more about her inspiration for Pure Enchantment, why she's so passionate about natural skincare, and why you should take that "first step" in following your dreams!

Pure Enchantment home décor store in Rocky River, Ohio

Behind The Design: Pure Enchantment

Debbie Brink, owner of Pure Enchantment (with her husband Bill), was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. A proud mother and grandmother, she began as a stay at home mom, transitioned into real estate for several years, and was then introduced to the product that would lead her to where she is today...

Pure Enchantment home décor store in Rocky River, Ohio

"What inspired you to start your business?"

Having been born into a family of entrepreneurs, I always had a desire to own my own business. In the summer of 2000 while vacationing in Wilmington, North Carolina, I bought my first natural soap and couldn't believe how wonderful it made my skin feel. I began to research ingredients and recipes, and was soon creating my own natural skin care line out of my Rocky River home. Pure Enchantment was launched in September 2003 at the Rocky River Cheerleader craft show.

"Where did your love of natural skincare and home décor come from?"

My love for natural skin care started the first time I washed my face with natural oatmeal soap, and grew as I researched and found all of the healthy benefits of the natural ingredients. Being a mom and now a grandma, my number one concern is the health and welfare of my children, so naturally healthy skin care is important. This has influenced me to create a unique baby section with healthy, cozy, and cute items for your little ones.

I have always had an interest in home décor and enjoy watching HGTV. I love to create spaces that are inviting, soft and cozy.

"Why is the Old Detroit area of Rocky River the perfect home for your store?"

Our storefront was first opened in 2008 at Beachcliff Market Square, and in 2015 we moved into our "dream home" on Old Detroit. Situated in the quaint historic district of downtown Rocky River, it's a perfect fit for Pure Enchantment with its history and charm.

"What is the most rewarding aspect of being an entrepreneur?"

It allows me to be creative and gives me the freedom to make my own choices on how to run my business. It also allows me to share my faith and inspiration with others.

"What's the most challenging?"

The bottom line all falls on me. You don't turn off the lights and close the door at 5PM. But that being said, the pros outweigh the cons.

"What is the significance of having women-led businesses in our community?"

Women-led businesses in our community act as an inspiration to young women to follow their dreams :)

Pure Enchantment home décor store in Rocky River, Ohio

"How do you relax or unwind at the end of the day?"

I enjoy relaxing with my husband and pup, taking a walk, and watching a good movie.

"What advice would you give to yourself - ten years ago?"

Keep following your instincts and your faith, and the good Lord will show you the way.

"What is your favorite quote?"

I always tell this to people who say they have a dream or something they want to do, but just can't seem to do it or get started...take that first step!

"Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do, than by the ones you did do." -Mark Twain

Get In Touch

Pure Enchantment is located in the Old Detroit area of Rocky River, Ohio. Get more details on their website, or learn more about all of their incredible products and gifts on their socials!

Pure Enchantment home décor store in Rocky River, Ohio

Pure Enchantment home décor store in Rocky River, Ohio

All photos above courtesy of Pure Enchantment.

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