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How to prepare for a kitchen or bath remodel

If you're ready to update or refresh your home this year, you might be considering a remodeling project. A remodel project can be an exciting and helpful way to maximize your home's potential, whether you're looking for a more ideal layout, improving functionality, or adding square footage to your space.

As remodel projects are typically long-term commitments (and usually not completed as quickly in real life as on HGTV!), here are a few considerations, tips, and questions to ask yourself that may help you prepare before moving forward:

How to prepare for a kitchen or bathroom remodeling interior design project

Set your goals

What do you want to achieve with your remodel? Are you looking to gain more storage, or have a more functional layout in your kitchen? Or do you want to update and refresh an outdated bathroom? Figuring out your "design goals" and what you want to get most out of your remodeled space and what current problems you want to solve can help you decide how to move forward, and help your design team to focus on ideal solutions.

How to prepare for a kitchen or bathroom remodeling interior design project

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Focus on your future

Is this your "forever home," or are you considering potentially moving in the near future? Depending on how long you see yourself staying in your home, a remodel may or may not be the right financial and time investment for you.

If you aren't planning on staying in your home long-term, but you're still looking to make some updates, you could potentially explore other kitchen or bathroom "refresh options" such as replacing countertops, lighting, or updating cabinets with a new paint color and hardware to give your space a new look without going through an extensive remodel. (We've helped clients with this by sharing suggestions and recommendations at their in-home design consultations.)

Research your resale value

Before moving forward with a remodel or renovation, it might be helpful to consult with your realtor about your home improvement project. Asking questions like, "Could my remodel project significantly enhance my home's property value?" could help determine whether a remodel is right for you, or if making smaller cosmetic updates (such as repainting interior walls) might be a better fit.

Consider the conveniences

Based on your project's timeline, will your remodel take place while you're living in your home, or do you need to find an alternate place to stay or rent during the remodeling phase?

If your kitchen will be inaccessible or not functioning for weeks or months at a time, do you need to set up a temporary fridge or a sink to wash dishes? Thinking through the conveniences you might be without, and any adjustments you have to make during your project, may help you feel prepared if you have a plan in advance of how you will tackle daily activities like meal prep, cooking, etc. while your kitchen or bathroom are inaccessible.

Know your numbers

Have you received all of the estimates from your entire project team, including the cost of your architect, contractor, interior designer, and materials for your project? Are you planning to, or will you need to invest in new furniture pieces after your remodel is complete based on your new layout? Adding up all of these potential expenses can help provide the overall picture of your project's financial investment.

At CNC Home & Design, we help our clients prepare for their design projects by providing comprehensive investment guides, to show what they can expect to invest based on their project.

How to prepare for a kitchen or bathroom remodeling interior design project

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Get ready for the results

While a home remodel can be an extensive and time-consuming (and let's be honest, sometimes stressful) process, the end result of getting even more life out of your home can be worth it! Patience, persistence, and reminding yourself what you and your family will achieve at the end of the project can help during challenging times.

Helping our clients love their homes (while making the design or remodeling process a little less stressful) makes us grateful for the opportunity to be there every step of the way of the project.

How to prepare for a kitchen or bathroom remodeling interior design project

Are you ready to save valuable time and stress from remodeling or redecorating your home?

Many of our clients are busy, hardworking professionals and parents who appreciate having a dependable, reliable, and organized professional to help them take their projects off their to-do lists.

If that sounds like the perfect fit for you, schedule a call to tell us more about your project. Excited to help you refresh or remodel your home!


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