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How to design custom window treatments

If you've ever considered redesigning or decorating your home, you've likely done some research on custom window treatments. From curtains or draperies to shades and blinds, to hardware and motorization, to endless fabric and material options (from linen and canvas to wood and grassweave), the selections and choices are limitless.

Custom window treatments from an interior designer

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Although there are a few more steps along the way, there are many benefits to having custom window treatments designed for your home:

  • Correct sizing: Maybe you live in an older home that has a unique, non-standard sized window? Or perhaps you don't want to deal with having your drapery or curtain panels hemmed? Having a custom designed window treatment not only gives you that "tailored for you" look, but ensures your treatments will perfectly fit your windows.

  • Custom colors: After your space has been designed and all of the furniture, area rugs, and lighting has been selected, having custom window treatments allows you to create a design that complements and is more cohesive with the other fabrics, patterns, and materials in your room. From choosing from a variety of patterns, textures, color choices, and borders and trims, a custom window treatment can help pull your entire room together, or even act as its own artwork or add pops of color.

  • Professional assistance & support: Working with a designer or custom window treatment professional can help make the process easier by taking you step by step through all of the questions and considerations to help choose the right treatment for you, and also to assist with proper installation and problem-solving.

So if you're considering custom window treatments for your home, we've put together a checklist of some tips to keep in mind when designing custom window treatments, and questions you will want to answer before going through the process:

How to design custom window treatments from an interior designer

Focus on features

Do you need privacy, or light-filtering options? Maybe you need sun glare protection throughout the day, insulation, or want to maximize your view of the outdoors? Or perhaps you want the option to have a blackout feature when needed? Deciding on what features you want in a custom window treatment is the first step in finding the right choice for you.

Consider the convenience

Will you be opening and closing your window treatments, or will they be primarily decorative? How high are your windows? Are they easy to access, or are they behind bulky furniture pieces? Would you prefer a cordless, pull-down option, or would motorization be convenient for you? Taking these aspects into consideration will help you choose a treatment that functions best for your personal needs.

Custom window treatment design
Photo Courtesy of CNC Home & Design

Factor in finances

Although window treatments are typically one of the last items designed in a room, they should still be top of mind from the start of the design process, especially when it comes to deciding how much you want to invest in your new space. We help our clients by setting aside part of their overall room's furnishing and décor investment specifically for window treatments, and take into account all potential considerations that factor into a custom window treatment design, such as fabrics and trims or materials, lining, hardware, shipping & delivery expenses, sales tax, and installation costs.

Design the details

Would you prefer your window treatments to be inside or outside mount? Does your treatment need a decorative layer like a valence or sheer draperies? Which pattern, fabric, and color would best complement the rest of your space? Do you want to add a coordinating or contrasting pop of color with a decorative trim or border? If choosing blinds or sheer shades, what width is preferred between the vanes to give you optimal light filtering but also privacy? What type of hardware would look best? These are just a few of the questions to answer while going through the process, which your interior designer or window treatment professional can help with along the way.

Photo By: Amanda Hemstreet Photography

Get ready for the results

Custom window treatments may take a little more time and effort than purchasing ready-made options, but the results can be so worth it. And you'll not only have those beautiful finishing touches for your space, but also window treatments that are perfect for your home's needs and your lifestyle, for years to come!

How to design custom window treatments from an interior designer

Finding the perfect window treatment for our clients’ needs, whether it be privacy, insulation, light control, or style takes careful planning and consideration to find the ideal solution.

Need help outfitting your home with custom window treatments? Inquire about your project here, and learn if our thorough, full service design approach is the perfect fit for you:


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