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Should You Hire an Interior Designer?

If you've never worked with an interior designer or decorator before, you might be wondering, "How do I know if working with a designer is right for me?"

Well, these days, there are more options available than ever before when it comes to designing and decorating your home – from scrolling through social media to shopping at retail stores, the inspiration and options seem to be everywhere. And while it’s helpful to have so many choices and resources at our fingertips, a design or decorating project can quickly take a turn towards overwhelm and endless questions: "Is this the right size sofa? Will this fabric match with this carpet? When is the coffee table supposed to be delivered again? When did I schedule the contractor to come? Where can I find a reliable painting company?"⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


So if you're considering moving forward with your next home project and are wondering if you should hire a professional designer or decorator, here are a few benefits you can expect if you decide to work with one:

Saves you time

Designing or decorating your home yourself can take an incredible amount of time! All of those hours spent searching online or in magazines for inspiration images, countless trips to furniture stores testing out different sofas, clicking around on the dozens of retail sites looking for that "perfect piece," not to mention the time it takes to place all of your furnishing orders, track shipments, and maybe even having to wait on the phone for a customer service rep if an item happens to arrive damaged.

When you hire an interior designer, all of those tasks are taken right off of your plate - freeing up so much of your own time, that you could spend actually enjoying your home with your family! As a busy working professional, or parent, our to-do lists are endless...and a professional designer can help finally check those home projects (and shopping trips) off your list.

Saves you stress

Let's be honest, home projects can be overwhelming (and exhausting!). From researching recommended contractors, electricians, or painters to making countless decisions on whether this countertop will coordinate with this tile/light fixture/paint color/you name it, to keeping track of what's next with your project (and when it will actually be completed), there's so many moving pieces and parts that go into a design project.

Hiring an interior designer is like having your own personal "design partner" to be there with you every step of the way. From providing references for your remodel, to sharing updates on when your project will be complete, or when your sofa will arrive, and helping you choose elements in your design that will all complement each other, a professional designer can actually help make the process more fun by taking out the stress and overwhelm, so you can sit back and get ready for your new beautifully designed, functional and family-friendly space!

Saves you from mistakes

Do you ever get intimidated when it comes to redecorating your home, or maybe you're unsure and hesitant about how that new sofa will look or coordinate with that new coffee table/area rug/lamps/or any other furniture item, and simply get too nervous to move forward? Or maybe you want a professional to put your "dream room" together and help you see how it will look before you invest in your new furniture pieces? Or you can't decide what size area rug would fit or look best in your space, only to purchase one and realize, you made the wrong choice?

Another benefit to working with a designer or decorator is the tools designers can use to help you visualize your new space, and give you the opportunity to see how all of your new furnishings will look together in your room before they are purchased. Designers can also put together to-scale floor plans with your room's exact dimensions, and dimensions of any new furniture pieces you want to invest in (and any existing pieces you're incorporating), so you know for sure that your new furniture pieces are the right size, scale and fit before you purchase anything.

Besides giving you confidence in the furnishings selected by your designer, these tools help take the guesswork out of "But how will all of this look?" by showing how all of your furniture pieces will coordinate once paired together. From design or style boards to-scale floor plans, visual 3D renderings, and actual fabric, carpet, and paint swatches, working with a designer can truly help you see your new room come to life before it's a reality. This also helps to save you from making costly mistakes from purchasing an item you don't love or doesn't quite fit in your space.

So if you’re done with "DIY" and are considering a design, decorating, or remodeling project, it’s never too early to start consulting with a professional. Your designer can help provide a more organized and streamlined process from the beginning, and also help by answering your questions and connecting you with recommended partners and professional vendors to help complete other aspects of your project. So if any of these scenarios sound like you, let’s schedule your complimentary discovery call. We can chat about your project and figure out if we would be a good fit to partner together on your design.

Looking forward to "meeting" you!

And if you still need a little more information to figure out if it's the right move for you, I put together this super helpful "Should I Hire a Designer?" checklist - to help you decide if you're ready to partner with a pro on your next design or decorating project. To get the checklist, sign up for my email list below - and you'll get it right away in your inbox:

Behind The Design

Natalie Meyer, CEO and Principal Designer of CNC Home & Design, is the most organized and thorough interior designer you'll ever meet. ​ She helps busy, high-achieving working professionals and parents throughout the west side of Cleveland, Ohio to create warm and welcoming, family-friendly, and stylish homes. As a mom herself, Natalie understands the importance of a home not just looking beautiful, but actually being functional and livable throughout everyday life. She helps you take your home design and decorating projects off of your endless to-do you can actually spend more time enjoying your home, and less stress struggling to make your home feel "finished." ​ Through intuitive conversation and a detailed consultation at their homes, she anticipates her clients’ needs, providing them with the perfect furniture and décor pieces while helping them to make confident decisions and handling all of the details on their behalf, saving them time and stress throughout the design process. Her business management degree and prior experience in project management and client service provide a detailed, approachable, and collaborative experience for her clients. Receiving such appreciative messages and praise from her clients makes her incredibly grateful for the opportunity to help each one of them achieve their dream homes.

Photos by: Caitlin Antje Photography

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