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How to design a stylish home office

Did you know that your workspace has a huge impact on your productivity? Besides making sure you're set up for success by being functional and having all of your essentials and supplies within reach, a workspace that is fresh and that inspires you will help you feel more energized and confident to tackle that list of to-do’ you can own your workday like the #boss that you are!

Whether you have a dedicated home office (or if you're ready to make space for one), or you're transitioning back to a shared office space, you can instantly freshen up your workspace and boost your productivity with these tips:

Find a dedicated space

First, you need to carve out a place for your home office that's meant for business. Whether it's an entire designated room, a spare closet, or even a corner of a shared space like a bedroom, you need to have a spot that's solely meant for work. I know, I tried the "working from the dining room table" idea for awhile too. I realized the time I spent setting up and taking down my workspace, computer, and putting away my supplies every day started to add up, and I just wanted to get that time back into my day for something else (like designing!). So having a dedicated office zone means you can hit the ground running and start tackling your day as soon as your morning coffee is ready.

Light it up

Making sure you have the proper task lighting will not only help you do your job more efficiently (no more squinting or straining to see that notepad or computer screen), but will also create a more cozy, calming ambiance...and who doesn't want that during the workday? Complement the natural lighting of your room by adding a table lamp, floor lamp, or both.

Mix in florals

Did you know that indoor plants can improve concentration and productivity by up to 15 percent, reduce stress levels and boost your mood (according to NBC News) — making them perfect for not just your home but your workspace, too. Potted succulents are a perfect low maintenance option, or you could pick up a small bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers from your local market. Prefer to go faux? Adding some potted greenery or a vase of stems like eucalyptus will help give your home office that "fresh" feeling, no watering required.

Keep it inspiring

Whether you like to surround yourself with photos of cherished memories or motivating messages, add one or two small framed art or photo prints that will make you smile and keep you inspired on long, challenging workdays. Want a little extra Zen? Add a yummy scented candle for bonus points!

Now that you have a more productive and stylish work space, go out there and own your day. You got this!

PS. Do you need help creating your own home office space, or making it more functional as you work from home? Let's chat about it and learn more about how I could help!

Behind The Design

Natalie Meyer is an interior designer, home stylist and decorator, and lover of DIY projects. She is the CEO and principal designer of CNC Home & Design, launched in 2018. Natalie's designs are a one of a kind blend of coastal style meets farmhouse simplicity, with neutral color palettes and layered textures to create calming, comfortable yet timeless spaces. As a mom to a young toddler, she understands the importance of a home not just looking beautiful, but actually being functional and livable throughout everyday life.

Natalie's business management degree and prior experience in marketing, project management, and client service provide a well-organized, detailed, creative, and collaborative experience for her clients. She offers approachable interior design services to meet a variety of design needs, from interior "Designer For a Day" consulting to luxury design concierge services.

Some of her fondest, most cherished memories have been made at home, and she loves styling and designing homes where her clients and their families' memories can be made. You can learn more about Natalie here.


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