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Wild Iris Home: A Unique Home Décor Experience

Wild Iris Home décor store in Avon, Ohio

Owned by Sheri Seroka and Ashley Barnett, Wild Iris Home is so much more than a home décor store...they are a unique home décor "experience." Located in the Olde Avon Village of Avon, Ohio, they curate everything for your home from furniture to wall décor, textiles, tabletop décor, lighting, and giftware. Their store is carefully styled so you can see what the items would look like in your own home! I always feel so inspired after a trip to Wild Iris Home, and always leave with some kind of unique piece, whether it's a delicious candle or beautiful photo frame.

Wild Iris Home décor store in Avon, Ohio

As a mom and a female entrepreneur, I always appreciate learning more about other women-owned businesses in our community, and how their journey led them to where they are today. So I asked Sheri and Ashley, the women of Wild Iris, to go "behind the design" and share more about the inspiration for Wild Iris Home, the most rewarding aspects of their jobs, and why it's important to pursue your!

Wild Iris Home décor store in Avon, Ohio

Behind The Design: Wild Iris Home

Ashley and Sheri both come from creative backgrounds. Sheri spent over 25 years with a Fortune 500 company in a variety of roles, from sales to architectural/design services. Ashley attended Kent State University for Interior Design and worked as a set stylist for a commercial photographer. Their dream was to bring their collective experiences together to create Wild Iris Home.

Wild Iris Home décor store in Avon, Ohio

"What inspired you to start your business?"

Wild Iris Home was born out of our collective experiences. We are both very creative people with distinctly different styles, but they blend together perfectly to create a unique "Wild Iris" vibe.

"Why is the Shoppes at Olde Avon Village the perfect home for your store?"

We looked at several locations before deciding on the Village. It has the perfect boutique, artistic, eclectic vibe we were looking for.

Wild Iris Home décor store in Avon, Ohio

"What is the most rewarding aspect of being an entrepreneur?"

It is incredibly rewarding to see your dream come to life. The happiness we bring into people's lives by helping them fall in love with their homes is immeasurable.

"What's the most challenging?"

The burden of success or failure sits squarely on your shoulders. You own the risk of success or failure at the end of the day.

"What is the significance of having women-led businesses in our community?"

We're proud business owners who happen to be women. Gender should never hold you back. Anyone with the right mindset, fortitude, courage, work ethic, etc. can own their own business. We get one pass through in this life...grab it, take control, and rule your own destiny!

Wild Iris Home décor store in Avon, Ohio

"How do you relax or unwind at the end of the day?"

I like to cook, or have a cocktail on the patio with my husband. For Ashley, it's working in her garden and spending quality time with her husband. And all of our fur babies!

"What advice would you give to yourself - ten years ago?"

Take the leap *now,* don't wait for the perfect opportunity to find you!

"What is your favorite quote?"

"Security is mostly a superstition. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing." -Helen Keller

Get In Touch

Wild Iris Home is located in the Avon, Ohio area. Get more details on their website, or take a sneak peek and "window shop" on their socials!

Wild Iris Home décor store in Avon, Ohio

Wild Iris Home décor store in Avon, Ohio

All photos above courtesy of Wild Iris Home.

Behind The Design

Hi, I’m Natalie! I am the most organized and detailed interior designer you’ll ever meet. I help busy working parents and professionals create beautiful, welcoming homes that are functional and family-friendly.

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