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How to Set and Decorate Your Holiday Table

Believe it or not, I absolutely love entertaining. Especially during the holidays, it's the perfect chance to not only plan a delicious meal (even if my husband does most of the cooking!), but also set a beautiful, welcoming holiday table with some extra special touches.

So whether you're hosting a small, intimate Thanksgiving gathering or a holiday brunch, here's how to set and decorate your table for your next celebration:

Pick your linens

Starting with a gorgeous tablecloth, table throw, or runner (or a combination of several) is the first step. Whether you want to show off your family heirloom dining table or keep it protected from food and spills determines whether you should use a table runner, throw, or tablecloth. You can also layer multiple options in coordinating colors for an even more luxurious effect, like this fringed table runner over this ivory linen tablecloth.

Photo Credit: The Fashionable Hostess

Layer your look

For added color or texture, layer on placemats or chargers (decorative plates that aren't used for eating, but are to be placed under dinner plates to elevate your table setting and provide a stylish accent). If you have room at your table, I personally like to use both to add even more depth to your table setting. These natural woven placemats coordinate with virtually any décor and can be dressed up for a more elegant celebration, while these beaded distressed chargers add a little rustic style to your holiday gathering. Entertaining with little ones (or spill-prone family members)? These wipeable leather placemats are stress-free to clean, and even come in neutral colors to match your décor. And if you want to go a step further to protect your table linens? I've put the peel and stick food storage wrap from the grocery store on my tablecloth where kids are sitting, to provide an added layer of protection against spills!

Photo Credit: CNC Home & Design

Photo Credit: CNC Home & Design

Once you've added your plates and silverware (my favorite dinnerware set is this white porcelain dot patterned set), an added touch for a special occasion is cloth, cotton or linen napkins. These linen napkins come in a variety of colors, and are machine-washable. You can fold and tuck your dinner napkin under the dinner plate, or place it in a napkin ring for added sparkle.

Photo Credit: CNC Home & Design

Finishing Touches

To pull your holiday table together, add in a festive centerpiece, like a glass bowl full of ornaments or a vase of fresh flowers. If you have the available space, you can even add a garland of greenery, small votive candles, or seasonal touches like mini white pumpkins.

Photo Credit: CNC Home & Design

Photo Credit: CNC Home & Design

Finally, to personalize your table, put out handwritten place cards. Even if you're entertaining your family and everyone has their go-to favorite seat at the table, place cards can make your holiday celebration feel extra special.

Photo Credit: Crate & Barrel

Photo Credit: CNC Home & Design

Now you're all set (well, your table is!) for your next holiday gathering. And remember, your guests will have an incredible time...even if you didn't have a chance to check *everything* off your to-do list. Here's to savoring these special moments and making new memories with your family!

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Photo Credit: Caitlin Antje

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