Interior Design Shopping Styling
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“Give my home that designer-styled, pulled together look.”

Valuable Benefits:




No more overwhelm from endless options at home décor stores

Stop stressing about how to make your home feel "complete"

Saves you from wasting time and money on home décor purchases that just don't fit

Already have your foundational furniture pieces, but want the “finishing touches” and designer-styled décor and accessories to
help your space feel complete?

Get your special “reveal moment” with:

Personalized selection list

Of home décor & accessories to give your space that "finishing touch"

We shop the city on your behalf

Visiting local retailers and boutiques to purchase décor specifically for you

Saves you time

Product returns are made for you

Organized styling plan

Specifying where each item will be placed in your home

In-home styling session

All décor & accessories placed on your behalf

Comprehensive inventory report

Listing all product details & pricing for your reference


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