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Welcome home: How to DIY & design a custom wreath

If you’ve followed me on Instagram or FB or checked out some of my previous blog posts, you know how much I love flowers! Whether picking up fresh flowers from the market or making my own DIY faux flower arrangements, I’m all about having more blooms around.

Years ago, I even designed my first custom wreath. It hung on my front door for years, and from all of the sunshine and outdoor weather, it was ready for a refresh – the ribbon had faded, the flowers were falling apart – it just needed a complete redesign.

How to DIY & design a custom wreath

I had a vision in my mind of how I wanted it to look, what flowers I wanted to add, and what color scheme I was going for. Since this wreath would mostly live on our back porch (where I would see it every day), I wanted it to be a beautiful, welcoming display for my family, but also our guests when they visit our home. It took a few nights to put together (and maybe a glass of wine or two!), but I absolutely love how it turned out. I decided to make one that I could display all year no matter the season, but you could also use these steps to make a fall, winter, spring, or summer-specific wreath. Here’s step by step to create your own DIY custom wreath… and if you’d rather skip the steps and are interested in having one custom designed for your home with your favorite flowers and colors, let me know!

Grapevine wreath Michael's

I started with a plain grapevine wreath. This gives you a blank canvas to use practically any flower, ribbon, and color scheme, and can be used for any seasonal wreath. Pro tip: lay an old towel out on the floor, then place your wreath and flowers on top for assembly. Makes cleanup a breeze afterwards!

Next, I selected my assortment of flowers – a mix of roses, hydrangeas, and dahlias. To balance out your flowers, add some greenery like these eucalyptus branches. For an easy way to cut the stems (without a wire cutter), check out this post!

Coral rose stem Michael's
Hydrangea stem Michael's

To attach your flowers, stick the stems into the branches of the wreath, and use raffia to wrap the stems to the wreath and secure them by tying knots in the back. Don't worry if it doesn't look perfect - it won't be seen from the front:

DIY homemade wreath

You can buy a pre-made bow, or you can easily make your own with just a tape measure, scissors, some wire and a glue gun. Here’s how I made mine:

1) Cut 4 pieces of ribbon into different lengths: two 18" pieces, one 15" piece, and one 4" piece.

DIY wreath homemade bow

2) Fold one of the 18" pieces and the 15" piece so the ends overlap, and secure each of the ends together with a hot glue gun. Layer the folded 15" piece on top of the folded 18" piece, and secure together in the middle with more glue. Once dry, pinch and fold up the middle of the bow accordion-style.

DIY homemade wreath bow

3) Attach the last 18" piece on the bottom of the bow (this will be the tail), and use the 4" piece to wrap around the tail and middle pieces to create the bow. Secure with wire if needed and more glue, then cut the ends of the tail on a diagonal, and there you go! Your own custom DIY bow:

Homemade wreath DIY bow

Finally, I wanted to add even more personalization, so I spray painted one of these plain wood letters and attached it with the raffia:

Homemade wreath DIY wood letter

That’s it! Now you have your own beautiful custom-designed wreath with your favorite flowers and colors to welcome you home. And if you’d like me to design one especially for you, feel free to reach out for a custom quote!

Homemade DIY custom wreath

Homemade DIY custom wreath

Homemade DIY custom wreath

Homemade DIY custom wreath

Shop the look:

Michaels: Grapevine wreath

Michaels: Long natural raffia

Michaels: Curlique wood letter

Michaels: Eucalyptus bunch spray

Michaels: Garden bloom hydrangea stem in green

Michaels: Faux rose stem in coral

Michaels: Open rose stem in cream

Michaels: Dahlia bush in cream

Michaels: Faux linen & lace wired ribbon

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