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Fall flavors: How to DIY your own rustic flower arrangement

I can't even believe that we are into the homestretch of August already. I know as soon as September comes, that it will be time for apples, pumpkins, mums, buffalo plaid, and just about pumpkin-spice everything! If you're looking for an easy way to transition your home from summer and add a hint of fall to your decor, this DIY flower arrangement will do just that! I did this entire arrangement in just ONE hour, during one of my todder's afternoon naps. Read on for the step-by-step details, so you can add a welcoming touch of farmhouse fall style to your home!

How to DIY rustic fall farmhouse flower arrangement

I started with this woven wood basket, and wanted to add some color to it. (If you want to make more than one basket, you can buy a set of them from Amazon.) Using painter's tape, I taped off the top and bottom half of the basket so I could paint a stripe around the middle. Since I still had a good amount of Sherwin Williams' Agreeable Gray leftover from previous painting projects (a very subtle creamy gray, almost ivory shade), I used that. For more of a pop of color, you could try Sherwin Williams' Breaktime.

Painted wood woven basket

Sherwin Williams Breaktime

Sherwin Williams Breaktime

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

I then bought a few bunches of creamy ivory mums. You could also try sunflowers, dahlias, or hydrangeas. Buying faux flowers in bunches can be a big money saver, since you can get a decent sized bunch for $12-18, and could end up paying anywhere from $5-8 per stem when buying them individually. To separate the stems from the bunch, simply cut into the stem with scissors, and bend the stem back and forth until the wire breaks. You could use wire cutters as a shortcut, but I never have the patience to try and find them in my husband's work bench! And scissors work just fine.

Bunch of faux mums flowers

Bunch of faux mums flowers

To arrange the flowers, you could buy one of these styrofoam domes, but I knew I already had packages of these paper party cups in our pantry downstairs that would serve the exact same purpose. I lined the bottom of the basket with 3 cups, and stuck each individual stem into the cups, filling in the entire basket:

Paper cups in wood basket

And that's it! So simple. You could make one of these arrangements for a shelf, coffee table, dining room centerpiece, or even for a porch. Here's to those delicious crisp, cool nights, pumpkin spice lattes, and all of the yummy-ness that fall brings!

Rustic fall faux farmhouse flower arrangement DIY

Rustic fall faux farmhouse flower arrangement DIY

Rustic farmhouse mums basket flower arrangement DIY

Shop the look:

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Michael's: Hydrangea bunches

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Target: Paper party cups

Michael's: Styrofoam dome

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