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Vintage charm: A farmhouse inspired kitchen cupboard door DIY

Vintage charm kitchen cupboard farmhouse door DIY

This project has been months in the making, and I'm so excited that it's actually complete! It took me a awhile to figure out the best use for this unique, one of a kind piece. It's a kitchen cupboard door from a historic home in Bay Village, Ohio, that was found at an estate sale and gifted to me by my mother-in-law. I love giving old pieces new life, and this one was no exception! Here's how I turned this vintage piece into my own custom farmhouse meets french country styled decor:

Vintage kitchen cupboard door

[Before] I loved the diagonal wood detail and nailheads showing through.

After removing all of the hardware, I first spent time sanding down the door, trying to get off as much paint and finish as I could. Even if you're not able to remove all of the old paint, at least sanding down the finish will help fresh coats of paint stick.

Next, I filled in any holes in the wood from the hardware with Drydex Spackle. It was so easy using this kind of spackle, because it goes on pink (so you can see exactly where it's applied), but turns white when it dries (so you know when it's ready for a second application or time to paint!).

Hunter boots paint brush paint tray

I'll take any excuse to get to work in my Hunter Boots! Perfect for all of my DIY projects because they are so easy to clean.

I then gave it a few coats of paint, Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray. I wanted to use a neutral enough color that the piece would blend in with virtually any room color, no matter which room I decided to place it in:

Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray painted door

After multiple coats of paint, I distressed and roughed up the wood with two different kinds of sandpaper. I wanted to give it a weathered, imperfectly aged look so it had personality. I also sealed it with Valspar Limewash Glaze:

Valspar limewash glaze

Next, I used this picture hanging kit to make it easier to hang on the wall, and decided to hang it inside out so that the intricate wood details and texture would show. To add a pop of color, I found this dried boxwood wreath from Target. Again, I went for a more neutral, evergreen wreath option so it would coordinate with any other greenery I had in the room, and would fit with my decor no matter the season:

Green wreath with hooks and ribbon

Boxwood wreath with ribbon & Command hooks

To hang the wreath, and make the hook invisible, I took a clear plastic Command hook and hung it upside down on the other side of the door. After tying a knot with this Sugar Paper cream & gold herringbone ribbon (no longer available, but try this burlap-inspired ribbon for a similar effect), I looped the tied end of the ribbon around the hook, so it hung perfectly (with no hammering or nails needed!):

Command hook with ribbon

And here's the finished piece! I love knowing that it's a unique piece that can't be found in any store, it has history, and that it was previously cherished by someone else in their home. And now, after a little bit of DIY TLC, I get to cherish it in mine.

Distressed vintage kitchen cupboard door DIY with wreath

Boxwood wreath vintage kitchen cupboard door DIY

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