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Simple DIY: How to makeover your fireplace

I always try to reuse and repurpose materials whenever I can. Besides being better for the environment, it also saves me time and money. Whether it's turning a gift bag into a piece of art or finding the perfect use for extra paint samples, I was inspired to try this DIY makeover for our fireplace hearth when I remembered I still had this reclaimed-wood style peel and stick paper from my Fixer-Upper inspired shelf refinish project:

Fixer Upper inspired DIY bookshelf furniture redo

Our home was originally built in 1946, and I love its historical charm and character. Certain architectural elements are just not present in modern day new construction, and simply cannot be replicated, like the arched doorways and crystal doorknobs. I'm not sure if the marble accents around our fireplace and hearth are original to the home, but we always talked about replacing the dark green marble tile on the hearth. While it's definitely on our "wish list," with other home projects taking priority, this one for sure wouldn't be tackled within the next few years.

Green marble fireplace hearth

So when I remembered I still had this reclaimed wood wallpaper from a previous project, I decided to give our fireplace hearth a simple, no construction, DIY facelift. It definitely took some patience and a lot of measuring, but it turned out great and definitely makes a new statement! Here's how I did it:

1) First, I measured the entire size of the hearth - length and width, and left additional room to cover the sides of the marble.

2) I then laid out the paper on top of the hearth, and measured/cut along the grooves of where the fireplace juts in and out. I used the reclaimed wood pattern, but there are so many options to choose from, like white shiplap or subway tile.

3) I slowly started to peel off the backing, press the paper down, and used a credit card to smooth out any bubbles and creases. Finally, I trimmed any edges that did not lay flat and patched any pieces of marble that still showed through. This does take some time (and patience), so make sure you can do this when you can put any other priorities on hold and completely focus on the project.

So that's how I transformed my fireplace hearth, no construction needed, and at no additional cost. I also had my first visit to HomeSense (a new decor store from the HomeGoods/Marshall's/TJ Maxx family) and scored this super cute faux greenery. Now I'm ready to (stylishly) cozy up to the fire!

Reclaimed wood simple DIY fireplace hearth redo

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