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Fresh start: How to refresh and style your home with flowers

There’s something about the beginning of summer, and knowing that there are a few months ahead of sunshine and warmth, that energizes the soul. Feelings of renewal and opportunity are in the air, and a reminder of what summer brings: blue skies, beaches, farmer’s markets, porch swings, is sure to bring a smile!

Rustic beach path

To celebrate the change of seasons, what better way to breathe new life into your home than with flowers? Whether real or faux, colorful blooms or simple greenery, flowers allow you to bring the outside in, reconnect you with nature, and simply add more beauty to your space.

Farmhouse style potted succulent hanging plant

It’s easier than you may think – fresh flowers take minutes to prep and assemble, and are not as expensive on your wallet.

White hydrangeas with pink baby's breath

From my experience, the best selection, quality, and budget-friendly options can be found at Trader Joe’s or Heinen’s. Select just a few coordinating bouquets (hydrangeas with pastel roses, wildflowers with baby’s breath, tulips with…more tulips!), and divide them up into several varieties of vases to spread the cheer through multiple rooms of your home.

Even better is being able to pick flowers from your own garden. Start with a small potted variety, or plant a peony or hydrangea bush. It will take time to grow at first, but after careful pruning, you will be curating your own flowers in no time! And there are few things more relaxing than watering your flowers as the sun goes down, and the neighborhood starts to settle in for the night.

White roses in pink mason jar

Here’s some helpful hints to maximize your blooms and make them last:

Fresh flowers white pink roses

Pink roses with white hydrangeas fresh flowers
Peach peonies faux flowers on windowsill
Pink roses on mantle fresh flowers
Pink baby's breath in mason jar potted greenery on windowsill
  1. When arranging your flowers, start by selecting a few different vase options (different sizes, colors, etc.). Tear off all leaves except for those towards the very top of each flower. Hold off on filling your vases with water just yet.

  2. Trim your flowers with kitchen shears or a sharp knife on an angle (be on the lookout for thorns still on the roses!), and start to arrange them in bunches within the vases.

  3. Different flowers look best at different heights, but for fuller blooms (hydrangeas, roses) these look best when placed a few inches above the top of the vase. Tulips, wildflowers, and baby’s breath can peek out higher from the vase.

  4. Once you are satisfied with your arrangements, add the plant food (1/2 packet per vase will do) and water (do not fill up the vase more than halfway).

  5. Place vases in areas throughout your home where you can see and appreciate them, and where there is some natural light: a nightstand, coffee or dining room table, mantle, kitchen windowsill, or bathroom.

6. Replace water every few days, or when it gets cloudy.

More comfortable with a cactus? There are plenty of faux-floral options that look fantastic, and require no upkeep! Pat Catan’s and Michael’s have wide varieties of faux stems you can mix and match for a customized look:

Farmhouse style flowers in mason jars

Faux flowers lillies

You can also pick up ready-made greenery or potted succulents to simply place anywhere you need an inspiring accent. Add these to a desk for a more scenic workspace, a nightstand for a warm morning welcome, even tucked into corners of your kitchen to bring the outdoors in. Marshall’s, Target, and HomeGoods all have such cute, affordable selections.

Potted greenery in kitchen

Potted grass in mason jar on white farmhouse nightstand

No matter your flower style, there are plenty of ways to add new life to your home. Flowers aren’t just for special occasions anymore… embrace their every day beauty!

Farmhouse style bathroom white and green hydrangeas